Almanac: Crystal Peaks

Created by Kolossal Games

Almanac: Crystal Peaks is the next chapter in the Almanac series. Travel to the north and explore new towns.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Third Thursday - October
6 days ago – Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 07:07:45 PM

Hello travelers! 

Not too much to report today other than one important announcement for our EU backers.  We appreciate the constant support and in this case, no news is good news and everything is moving along swimmingly!

EU Backers- Please note. VAT will be charged on the 25th. We've been made aware that it did not appear when checking out. This has been fixed. Using your link you can log in and see your VAT before it charges.

In other news, our graphic designer is doing a massive overhaul of the icons, layout, and other aspects of the game so that it better matches the quality of the Dragon Road. We'll share some pictures as soon as we can.

- Kolossal Games 

Backerkit Launching September 13th
about 2 months ago – Wed, Sep 08, 2021 at 07:00:39 AM

Hello everyone,

For those of you paying close attention to the calendar, today was supposed to be the launch date of the pledge manager for Almanac. Unfortunately, we're going to need a little bit more time to get everything finalized and then reviewed/approved by Backerkit. We expect to have the full pledge manager and late pledge store live next Monday on the 13th, with a small smoke test going out on Friday,

Thank you for your patience and we'll update you again soon.



Thank you.
2 months ago – Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 01:40:47 AM

From all of us at Kolossal Games, we cannot thank you all enough for supporting us and the Almanac series. We still have plenty to share and update with you all as the game enters final approval stages and production, and you'll be informed every step of the way! Our next update will be for anyone who is brand new to Kickstarter and wants to know more about what to expect from us. We had a large number of brand new Kickstarter backers and we welcome you to the wonderful world of crowdfunding! 

We'll talk soon! 

-Kolossal Games 

Scott Almes, Stretch Goals and Inserts!
2 months ago – Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 10:14:46 PM


WOOHOO! You guys did it, all the stretch goals to the game are unlocked, and because the stretch goals can be played with BOTH Almanac: The Dragon Road, and Almanac: The Crystal Peaks it really is a reason for celebrating! 

Speaking of celebrating, let's talk real quick about the insert. 

During Almanac: The Dragon Road campaign we had included a stretch goal that was the plastic insert the game has currently. Because it was an additional cost, we felt confident to be able to include it during that campaign once the funding had reached a certain goal.  Every copy of Almanac: The Dragon Road now comes with the insert and now...

Because of the positive response, we have decided that the insert for Almanac: The Crystal Peaks will ship with every copy of the game, and NOT be a stretch goal needing to be unlocked!

Here is what the insert looks like Almanac: The Dragon Road, and Almanac: The Crystal Peaks will be identical with the exception that it'll be teal in color. (It will also come with stickers to organize each well, which will help make storing all the tokens quicker and even easier!) 

 JOIN US FOR ASA - Ask Scott Almes =D

As the campaign starts to wrap up we wanted to ask Scott Almes some questions regarding the design process, we'll be sharing these over the next few days, and would love if any of you have any questions regarding Almanac: The Crystal Peaks feel free to comment below! 

"The inspiration for the game was the idea of playing through a book of maps. I wanted to give the players a feeling of not only playing through a story but getting to explore an open world (as best they can manage on a tabletop). So, what excited me about the concept was presenting the players with a book of maps at the beginning of the game and a starting point, and then encouraging them to find their own way to their destination. One of the things I loved in video games in the past was when the game came with a map. I specifically remember playing through a copy of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and it having a folded map in the game box. The promise of being able to visit all of those places stuck with me. I'll admit I always loved drawing maps as a dungeon master as well, so I got to revisit some of those old muscles too!"

2 months ago – Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 09:39:01 PM


First off, I just want to say you absolutely smashed those stretch goals with an entire week to spare! We are currently working on the possibility of one final stretch goal, which I hope to be able to share with you soon.  BUT I wanted to share another unique feature to this campaign and that's these wonderful wooden resource tokens you can add to your pledge for an even more immersive gaming night! 

For me, one of the most unique aspects to this add-on component upgrade is that 1 SET of tokens at ($12) will work for BOTH The Crystal Peaks and The Dragon Road!  Keep them stored separately and pull them off the shelf when it's time to play either game! OR Go all in and get 2 sets (for $24 total) then you won't have to worry about having to share between the games! 

Gorgeous double-sided custom-cut wooden resource tokens! 120 in total!!

We made a graphic for everyone's social media to help spread the word on these beauts, feel free to use it on your own social media! We really appreciate all the organic content you all have given The Crystal Peaks on social media, and we can't thank you enough! 

Next update we've got a special announcement about the game insert! What used to be a stretch goal for The Dragon Road, is now 100% a part of the Crystal Peaks, no stretch goal is needed to unlock! Because of your continued support we have decided to not make it a stretch goal this time and just let it be, the unique stickers that are also included make for some excellent organizational solutions and I'll share more about all of that very soon! 

In the meantime, happy gaming everyone!

-Kolossal Games